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Patrol the streets of New York City as an officer of the law in Police Simulator: Patrol Duty, an immersive police simulation game. Take on the responsibilities of a police officer as you respond to 911 calls, issue traffic violations, conduct vehicle stops and searches, make arrests, and more. Experience what a day in the life of an NYPD officer is really like as you deal with a variety of criminal activities and unpredictable situations.

From high-speed pursuits to negotiating hostage crises, no two shifts are the same in this realistic police simulation. Police Simulator: Patrol Duty gives players an authentic look at law enforcement work while delivering an engaging open-world gameplay experience. Put your police skills to the test in this highly detailed city environment and help keep the streets safe as a virtual officer on patrol.

Police Simulator Patrol Duty GamePlay

The gameplay in Police Simulator: Patrol Duty is very immersive and realistic. When you first boot up the game, you’ll enter the police station where you can customize your avatar, selecting different uniforms, equipment, and vehicles. You’ll also be briefed on any priority calls or ongoing investigations. Then it’s time to hit the streets!

Patrols are event-driven, with dispatch sending you from one call to the next. You’ll respond to a variety of incidents like traffic accidents, robberies, domestic disturbances, and more. When arriving on the scene, you’ll conduct an investigation by searching for clues, questioning witnesses and suspects, and determining the appropriate course of action. If a crime has been committed, you’ll make an arrest and transport the perpetrator back to the station for booking.

Traffic stops are very realistic. You’ll pull vehicles over for infractions like speeding, running red lights, and improper lane changes. You’ll approach the driver, request their license and registration, and check for any outstanding warrants using your patrol car’s computer. Depending on the violation and the driver’s behavior, you may just issue a warning or a citation. But you’ll have to be on high alert as some stops can escalate if the driver tries to flee!

Car chases are a real adrenaline rush. Pursuits are handled seamlessly – you’ll activate your lights and sirens, call in to dispatch, and try to maneuver your vehicle to block or spin the suspect out. It takes some practice to get good at controlling the patrol car at high speeds. If the perp crashes or surrenders, you’ll make the arrest. But it’s tense not knowing what the driver might do next.

The game does a great job simulating the paperwork side of policing too. After each call, you’ll have to fill out detailed reports in the system. Pay attention to the details, as what you write could be used later in court. You’ll also check your patrol car and restock supplies between shifts. Then it’s back out on the streets for another dynamic day on the job!

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