Benefits of a Business VDR

Many people are familiar with file sharing services like Dropbox or Google Drive. But, they’re not as secure and convenient as an enterprise-grade VDR that was designed specifically for business use. With a business VDR users can securely collaborate on files in real-time and revoke access to them immediately if there’s a security breach. A VDR can also allow administrators to receive detailed reports of document activity, including the amount of time each document was viewed and by whom.

Virtual data rooms are used by a variety of businesses to facilitate complex financial transactions and other crucial business processes. Investment banks, VCs, and private equity firms usually analyze multiple transactions simultaneously producing a great deal of data.

Utilizing an intelligent virtual data room, it’s easy to identify important trends in the data and help streamline due diligence for M&A. Furthermore, if the company is contemplating an IPO or capital raising or capital raising, the VDR can help keep the process running smoothly.

In the same way, energy and mining companies often share large amounts of documents with regulators and investors. By using the VDR for business, it’s easy to control access and ensure compliance. With features like fence view, built-in redaction, granular permissions and remote shred, an VDR can provide greater security online than the standard cloud storage service. Additionally, a reputable business VDR provider will offer instant assistance (and 24/7 assistance) whenever there is an issue.

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